Geo Sonic Drilling

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Environmental Protection

Environmental Guidelines

Geo Sonic Drilling is committed to:

· Environmental best practice and to the continual improvement of environmental performance. We recognise our obligations both locally and globally to the present and succeeding generations. The company aims to lead in defining best environmental practice, and will set its own demanding standards where none exist.

· Implementing the requirements of all applicable Commonwealth, State and local environmental legislation and regulations and, where possible, exceeding any relevant minimum requirements.

· Managing the activities over which we have control and which impact upon the environment in accordance with the principles of ecological sustainability.

· Monitoring our use of natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable, and maximise the efficiency and effectiveness with which they are used, with a view to minimising environmental impacts.

· Providing appropriate environmental training for its Management and Drilling Crews, and will encourage them to apply sound environmental practices at work, at home, and within the wider community.

· Transparency in, and public access to, the formulation and implementation of our environmental policies and objectives. The company will formulate, publish, implement and monitor objectives set out in this Policy, and will periodically review their efficacy and promote their continued development. Interested individuals or parties are encouraged to comment on the Policy, Goals and objectives, and their implementation.


Waste Management

Geo Sonic Drilling  is committed to waste avoidance, waste reduction, re-use and recycling. Geo Sonic Drilling  aims to reduce its consumption of materials and energy and to implement environmentally sound waste management practices. This includes eliminating unnecessary energy use, pursuing a programme of energy conservation, and reviewing water usage. We are committed to the long-range goal of maximum use of renewable energy sources.

Geo Sonic Drilling  will promote schemes for the collection of materials appropriate for recycling, and the company will seek ways of disposing of waste in environmentally acceptable ways.

Geo Sonic Drilling  will distribute information in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.