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The company believes that the health and safety of employees is of prime importance. The company has instituted an OH&S Program with the following objectives: to identify and remove or control the causes of accidents and health hazards at the workplace.
The goals of the OH&S program are achieved through the involvement of all employees. The program is based on the following elements.
Management Leadership – the assumption of ultimate responsibility by management to prevent accidents, with the declaration of a company OH&S policy, setting of safety standards, rules and procedures. Senior manager appointed as OH&S Coordinator, with direct access to the Managing Director.
Assignment of Responsibility – the delegation by management of authority to all levels of supervision to take appropriate action to ensure safe operations, and to be responsible and accountable for activities under their control.
Provision of Safe Working Conditions – by regular inspections and audits, provision of PPE, hazard identification, reporting, and removal or control by engineering, administrative or procedural means.
Employee Participation – through consultation, regular safety meetings, hazard reporting and employee suggestion schemes.
Safety Training At All Levels – a combination of formal and on the job training, commencing on appointment with a General Safety Induction program and job/equipment specific safety instruction. Followed by on the job training and formal internal/external OH&S courses and industry based programs.
An Accident / Incident Recording System – all accidents, incidents are reported, investigated and recorded. Statistical data is produced and analysed.
Medical, First Aid & Emergency System – all worksites have trained first aiders available, and are equipped with first aid facilities. All sites are , mobile phone or UHF communications appropriate to the location.
Participation in Client OH&S Program - Geo Sonic Drilling and its personnel will participate, and actively contribute to the client’s program.

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