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The Envo Air Core drilling system that GeoSonic Drilling is proposing to use was designed and patented by GeoSonic Drilling and gives the best results for this type of drilling. The smaller diameter hole helps to give more accurate information of different aquifers and water quality changes. As the ground can seal off easier and the sample is truly from the bit face. The GSD77 Aircore system can cope with pressurised or flowing sands as GSD77 has a non-return valve at the bit face to stop blockages on rod changes. The bit design is such that it is able to penetrate silcrete layers and give a good basement sample (bedrock) 25mm diameter core.

Smaller Diameter: To provide a more reliable, more economical method and a straight bore with the same result. The diameter of 122mm has been accepted by DOW as a suitable minimum annulus for 50mm PVC casing where grouting is needed.

Envo Air Core

Drilling in unconsolidated ground.

Method of installation for GSD77 Aircore Drilling.

Drill borehole using Air core with rods of HQ diameter with a blade bit to give a minimum bore diameter of 122mm. This is to reduce running costs (e.g. smaller rig and compressor is needed), but sample is of the same quality as required to conform with most tenders

Pull inner tube from the centre of the drill string and measure the depth on the open hole. If the hole is still open to depth then run Class 12 50mm PVC to the bottom of the hole. If sand or cuttings return up the drill pipe after inner tubes are removed from the outer rods then rods can be flushed with water before running casing and outer bit may be buried into the bottom of the hole.

Run PVC to bottom of the hole. If class 18 flush walled PVC casing is used or the bell ends are installed down ward it may be possible to install gravel as the outer rods are removed. Thus insuring that the gavel is installed around the slotting.

After the gravel pack is installed and the rods are raised to above the gravel then cement grout can then be installed either by pumping or gravity feed down between the HQ rod and the 50mm PVC.

Advantages of this method.


Over Mud Rotary drilling methods:

Actuate information on ground conditions, aquifers when reached and water quality.

No mud pits so less site disturbance and lower cleanup costs.

No demudding before introducing gravel to the hole.

Faster, cleaner and less equipment needed on site.

Aircore rig with controlled sampling.

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Installing the bore casing through the drill rod.