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We're all about good vibrations with the sample in the bag

The most frequently used direct push soil sampler. . . the Macro-Core5 Soil Sampling system. This 1.5-inch diameter, piston-operated sampler features a positive release system that eliminates the uncertainty of continuous sampling! When the stop-pin is released, the user retracts the extension rod string which carries the released stop-pin and the piston-rod right into the operator's hand.

Other benefits of this system are numerous. With a lightweight piston tip assembly, sample compression is minimized during retrieval. An O-ring on the tip ensures that the sampler remains sealed until the desired sampling depth is reached. Other features include increased durability, user friendly, easy to decon, and easy to maintain.

Macrocore45 Sampling system

> This equipment has very low ground pressure 2.5 foot per square inch.

> Suitable for remediation work when linked with the G S 2000 Injection system.

> Using the MC5 sampling system continuous core samples can be retrieved .

> The RS60 system will give a larger core sample when required.

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