Geo Sonic Drilling

We're all about good vibrations with the sample in the bag

The EP10 may be small but when it comes to the crunch that is what it does, on old land fill sites it can make itís way though most materials. Because of the use of high frequency vibration the sample is not as likely† to heat up which can be caused by other drilling techniques.

The Ep10 rig

Applicable to Indoor Operation . Mast height of 2.98m-2.63m and base machine width of 700mm and 900mm allows the drill to operate in many indoor situations.

Secure Stability of Drill. Rear blade will stabilise the drill while drilling takes place.

Lower peak noise levels than typical top hole hammers.

Low speed rotation combined with high frequency vibration lets the operator determine the optimum drilling method.

Mobility in Limited Space. By tilting the mast to 90 degrees, the height of the drill (1.84m) means that it can pass through the door of a house or building.

Quieter than a rotary percussion drilling rig.

Has the ability to retrieve highly representative, relatively undisturbed continuous core samples from both solid and unconsolidated materials.

No need for drilling fluid, allowing for uncontaminated core samples.

Dual tube method allows for simultaneous sampling and monitoring well completion.


Uses biodegradable hydraulic oil

Drilling Depth: 10 metres, depending on ground formation.

Drill Head: Hydraulically driven rotary head with vibration.

Drill Head Rotation Speed: 0 - 20 min-1. Infinitely variable.

Drill Head Rotation Torque: Max 0.0882 kNm (90 kg-m).

Infinitely variable.

Feed System: Hydraulic cylinder.

Feed Speed of 0 - 6 meters per minute.

Maximum Feed Force 17.1 kN (1750 kgf ) and Maximum Balance Force is 34.3 kN. (3500 kgf).

Stroke 1.35 m.

Vibratory Mechanism: Maximum frequency of 4000 cpm, Maximum

Vibratory Force 14.7 kN (1500 kgf).

Mast: Hydraulically raised and lowered, slide stroke of 450mm. The head sheave has a manual extension with a stroke of 435mm.

Hoist: Hydraulically driven, maximum line pull capacity of 3.4 kN (350kgf). The line pull speed is 0 - 22 meters per minute.

Wire rope: 5mm x 23 metres.

Track: Engine horsepower of 10HP at 2,000 rpm.

Total weight of drill unit: approximately 1,100 kg.


The mast can tilt up to 90 degrees.

Overall height of 1.84 meters when the mast is tilted 90 degrees.

EP10 on site and ready to drill.

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Sand samples collected by the EP10 rig.