Geo Sonic Drilling

We're all about good vibrations with the sample in the bag

Our EP26 rig being loaded on our 4x4 9 ton truck


At GeoSonic Drilling we believe that one rig cannot do all jobs, so as the demand of our clients varied we found that the rigs required to do the work needed to change as well. We have taken the time to investigate what would be the most suitable rigs for our clients needs and we have come up with a selection of rigs that are compact, environmentally friendly and strong. Our clients are from varied industries, agriculture and the timber industry and in rescent years moving into the areas of geotechnical and environmental as our client base and rig numbers have both increased. Previous to starting the business I have been in the Drilling Industry for over thirty years with either mining or water exploration and environmental.

All the time working to supply our clients with new and unique products to safely carry out our services with the most suitable result for clients. All of our rigs are different and varied in their tasks as required by our clients.

Rig being loaded on truck

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With Workshops in O'Connor & Cranbrook WA

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